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I'm a big fan of this series, primarily due to the fact it expands upon an aspect of the game world we're only given the merest hints about, and it does it in a believable way.

Species such as the Hanar and Volus are typically presented as little more than comic fodder and a part of that is their presentation in an environment that isn't their own. By intelligently considering what the Hanar's natural environment is in addition to considering the cohabitation with the Drell, in three images you've built up a teasing concept of a world which previously held no interest for me, but now seems full of possibilities for storytelling.

Technically the images are composed well; you provide enough details to kickstart the imagination with clear suggestion, but that which is unseen as a result of the darkness rather than seeming unfinished or covered up hints at secrets waiting to be uncovered. In essence, the picture doesn't stop at the edge of the image.
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