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Hope MSD WIP by Hayter Hope MSD WIP by Hayter
Leading on from [link] which slowly ate away my soul in the months I spent doing it, only to come out in a generally sub-par way, I decided to do a bigger, newer, sexier, more accurate and overall more daunting piece.

Consider that the first one had me wanting to slit wrists (not mine, obviously) - imagine how I feel doing this.

Still, it's coming along nicely.

Edit. I moved this into my gallery proper as much to remind me to finish it as anything else.
curme Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
I like that ship! It's an acquired taste I think.
Zomvee Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
I like the one before its like if it was made back in lets say 2210 and this one looks like if it came in about 2290, that's how I feel about them both.
What class ship is this one and the other one? I know the main purpose of this one is for Science.
Hayter Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Been a while since I remembered dates, but this style was based on Voyager's LCARS, so around about 2370 methinks. The other was a more classical TNG style so let's say 2350, albeit with a ship design that was much older. 

This is either a Hope class or Olympic, dependant on where you look.… I like to go by the plaque.

The design drew inspiration from the 22nd century Daedalus class which I always liked as a 'forgotten' design.…
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